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Our core services are divided into five main areas and all can be trialled free of charge:


Helping recruit and develop your people - access to a range of assessments with proven science, leading edge technology and world class design. Includes ability tests, situational judgement tests, personality questionnaires, candidate “fit” evaluation, sifting questionnaires, 360's, and a unique individual engagement questionnaire.
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Take the pain out of collecting references from people you are hiring. Our online process is incredibly effective in terms of response speed and costs. Sample Report.


Helping you to onboard/induct your new starters to be successful and ensure your recruitment and induction processes are working. Sample Report.


A leading edge approach to employee engagement questionnaires that will change your view on how data can influence your organisation and the people in it. If required, however, we can deliver more "traditional" satisfaction surveys. Sample Report


Our employee exit questionnaires reduce the amount of time required to collect valuable leaver feedback and provide the strategic perspective of why you are losing people.
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Meeting Your Needs

We have some great questionnaires built on incredibly reliable delivery platforms that are simple to use, but, it might not be exactly what you need. So, here are some examples of how we can work together:

Measure something specific
One of our core capabilities is the creation of questionnaires and making sure the results are meaningful. Let us work with you to build the perfect measure. Recent examples include:

  • Evaluating the support and value of HR business partners
  • Recruitment process evaluation from candidates who didn’t join
  • 360 assessments built on specific competency models
  • Regular “employee pulse” surveys built around the clients specification.

Tailoring our services
You might find that our core questionnaires or process are close to what you need, but don’t quite hit the mark. We often work with clients to tweak our content so it’s just right and provide alternative processes for data collection (such as paper based administration).

You are not alone
We have some very experienced and capable consultants who can work with you at every stage of the project or just act as a sounding board.

What Next?

Well that’s your choice. Your preference might be to meet up and have an informal conversation or you may prefer to be left alone to browse.

Meet/ Talk/ Write
Our contact details are here, use the form or call us.

More Detail/ Free Trial
Each service has its own dedicated website that gives you much more detail. See the product links on the right.

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