We make it easy to collect, understand and act on employee feedback, have scientifically proven psychometric assessments for recruitment and engaging pre-employment reference checks.

We’ve made it our mission to deliver a personalised service, with innovation and quality you’d expect from larger competing organisations. Since 2003, we have accumulated a proven track record with high profile projects and globally respected brands, while remaining a close-knit team with a reliable first-hand and personal service.

We are incredibly proud of our team and are committed to investing in developing and improving our services. Our experienced team continues to grow in efficiency and flexibility and as a result, our uniquely innovative and responsive services improve year on year.

Retaining talent is an essential aim when looking to survive a challenging business climate riddled with uncertainty. Finding and keeping the best people will ensure your organisation can deliver now but also provide a foundation for future growth. We understand this as much as anyone.

Here are just a few areas where we feel we add that little bit more:

  • The person who sells the service is the constant point of contact through the project or relationship. We don't have “junior sales people” working on commission and disappear when you agree the work. You deal with an experienced partner (who is invested in your project).
  • Our services are based on proven and well researched models that are relevant for today's working environment. It might sound a little dull, but without a solid base the project just doesn't work.
  • A range of unique and creative options in questionnaire content, design and approach.
  • Quick and painless to set-up with no barriers to entry.
  • We really understand the risks associated with high profile projects.
  • A proven track record with globally respected brands.
  • Super-fast turn round of results and fantastic reports – making key findings easy to understand and action.
  • Feedback that makes senior managers & leaders really take notice and engage, with the experience and capability to help you translate insight into tangible action.
  • Practical advice from really experienced people at every stage.
  • Sensible pricing.


We’ve made it our mission to make our products as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. And inside each fantastic service we’ve included some brilliant and relevant technology. So when you use any of our services for the first time, we know it will save you money, help solve problems and create opportunities for your organisation.