What we do

We make it easy to collect, understand and act on employee feedback, including pre-employment.

Helping your organisation

To understand how well your people are aligned to objectives. Providing solutions and practical interventions to increase performance, engagement and retention. Predictive analytics – identifying risk and opportunity within critical groups.

Enabling your managers

To understand what is important to their people. Hold confident people conversations. Create shared understanding and clear actions to solve issues. Helping managers do the right things.

Supporting your people

To take ownership of their career and personal development. Understand their personal drivers and the ability to communicate them.

How we do it


Designed by our team of expert psychologists & data scientists we measure people at every stage - starting with scientifically proven psychometric assessment, referencing, onboarding, engagement, D&I, right through to why your people are leaving.

Built to fit

Reinforce your employer brand at every touch point. Customise content to answer your key questions. Benchmark with the best.

Insight and action

Gathering data is the easy bit but your organisation needs more than “big data”. You need big answers. We have used technology to provide them but we have real people with real experience to help your people and organisation thrive.

Supporting you

You’re never alone. We are here to help at every stage - from simply reducing your admin burden right through to making sure you have answers to those difficult questions people love to ask.

Working with us

How you want to engage with us is your choice. If you are looking for some great products that you can simply get on and use, that’s fine. If you feel that you would like to have an expert on hand to support you when you need them, no problem. Or if you want a partner that really understands your organisation and gives informed, honest, expert advice we would love to help.
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Measuring at all touch points in the employee life-cycle

We are employee engagement specialists but realised a long time ago that real engagement and organisational performance starts pre-hire.


Make the best hiring and development decisions.

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Manage, track & approve employment references.

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Engage and protect your investment.

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Turning engagement surveys into commercial achievement.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Let everyone shine and realise their full potential.

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Understand why your people leave.

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Meeting your needs

We have some great questionnaires built on incredibly reliable delivery platforms that are simple to use, but they may not be exactly what you need. We often work with clients to tweak our original content and processes so it’s just right; and matches your own internal requirements.

One of our core capabilities is the creation of bespoke questionnaires and making sure the results are meaningful. Let us work with you to build the perfect measure, e.g. 360 assessments built on your competency frameworks, candidate experience questionnaires, regular pulse surveys etc.

Why our products rock

The world within which we all work is constantly evolving; we have worked incredibly hard to ensure that our thinking is contemporary and our systems are everything that you need them to be.

Try them

We are confident enough in what we do to let you try them, for free.


Any smart phone, any tablet and any computer.

Smart data

Consistent, reliable and totally objective.

Beautifully designed

We've created wonderful user and candidate experiences.

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You can call us on +44 (0) 333 012 4649 or if you prefer please email us on info@greatwithtalent.com.