What we do

We assess how diversity and inclusion influences employee opinions and perceptions through every step of the employment journey.

Why measure

Intuitively treating people fairly and giving equal opportunity feels right, but that’s not always enough to free up resources and budget. What may surprise you is that organisations who commit to diversity and inclusion are significantly more successful.


UK research shows direct correlations between % of female leaders and profit. Research in the USA has shown a direct relationship between ethnic & racial diversity and profit. Organisations who are less diverse are falling behind in profit terms compared with more diverse competitors.

How we do it

Diversity isn’t easy. We help clients to create the ethical and commercial case for diversity and inclusion, providing the analytics to ensure that interventions are not only appropriately directed, but also successful. We build communities which find strength in their differences.

Diversity is a lifecycle

Candidate Experience

See your organisation through the eyes of your applicants. Gain insight to help you align your attraction strategy and recruitment processes to your diversity and inclusion objectives.

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Help individuals to develop their personal awareness of diversity and inclusion, and the impact of their behaviour on others.

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Existing Employees

Understand the prevailing attitudes and culture towards diversity and inclusion in a location, team or in every part of your organisation.

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Understand why different groups of people decide to leave your organisation. Hard data will help you retain key groups and inform your diversity and inclusion strategy.

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Working with us

In our experience, diversity and inclusion is a conversation - to understand your vision, the challenges you face and the opportunities. This might take the form of a call, a meeting or an exchange of emails – whatever feels most comfortable for you. Whatever you decide you will find us approachable, candid and happy to work at your pace.
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