Unify your people and take action

80% of senior leaders believe good employee engagement is a critical part of achieving organisational objectives. However, senior leaders and managers have grown so accustomed to the “traditional annual survey” that they don’t question whether the survey data provides the answers they need.

We help you:

Focus your engagement surveys on specific drivers of organisational performance.

Obtain clear insight into what is most important to your organisation and your people.

Position employee engagement within your organisation’s realities and context.

Identify solutions by providing actionable insight.

Set clear priorities for interventions.

Feedback results that speak directly to business leaders and managers.

Measurement for big answers

We believe there are six critical components to helping your organisation perform better.


The extent to which you have a clear picture of where you are going as an organisation, how you will get there and whether your people believe it will be successful.


The extent to which your organisation has been designed to ensure alignment, accountability and adaptability – and as a result is able to deliver your strategy.


Do your processes enable you to manage your performance properly, do things consistently well time and again, and to keep getting better?


The capability of your leaders to shape your environment and deliver your winning formula.


The extent to which your people feel committed to your organisation and will go the extra mile to deliver your vision and strategy.

Team Environment

The extent to which people feel an emotional connection to your organisation, and feel that there is a collective desire and commitment to achieve together.

Your people, your project

We understand that you may have very specific requirements on the scope and scale of your project and we have proven content and experience, but we will work with you to meet your objectives – not ours.

Project delivery

We make engagement projects very quick and very easy to set-up and we do all the hard work for you. You don’t need to learn new systems, train hordes of people or become an expert in data analytics.

Expert interpretation by real people and feedback sessions within a few days of closing data collection. Reports built specifically for leaders and mangers, each containing practical actionable solutions.

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